Blue White Alternative Investments Ltd (BWAI) is an independent alternative management company focusing on pioneering innovative investment products. BWAI is registered in Finland and is authorized by the Finnish Financial Services Authority to provide investment management and advisory services within the European Community.

The investment management industry is currently undergoing a Copernican-scale paradigm shift moving from traditional long-only and asset class-based management to a much broader skills-based alternative investment management approach, based on the application of a wide range of return drivers, strategies and techniques commonly used by hedge funds. We believe that these two investment approaches are now converging in such a way that the more effective alternative investment and risk management practices will soon become the main way of investing.

 is to participate in this transition--to bring the necessary knowledge, skills and expertise, investment and risk management techniques and innovative products to investors wishing to be a part of this momentous paradigm shift, so that they can benefit from this more effective alternative investment management approach.

 is to be a premier provider of effective skills-based, state-of-the-art investment management solutions, providing investors with the economically most suitable and effective solutions.


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